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KnowBe4 Scam Of The Week: Beware of Fake "Do Not Call Registry" Emails

The latest attempts from the bad guys include fake emails insisting that your phone number’s registration for the Do Not Call list is about to expire. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information Blog (, these emails include the FTC’s logo “and send people to a phony Do Not Call website to register their numbers again.”

Don’t fall for this phony attempt--Do Not Call registrations never expire. Once you’ve added your number to this list you’ll never need to register it again (unless your number is disconnected and reassigned).

Remember not to trust links in suspicious emails that you weren’t expecting to receive. Manually type legitimate URLs into your browser rather than clicking on email links or copying and pasting URLs from unsolicited emails.

Stop Look Think - Don't be fooled.   The KnowBe4 Security Team