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KnowBe4 Scam Of The Week: Beware of Fake "Do Not Call Registry" Emails

The latest attempts from the bad guys include fake emails insisting that your phone number’s registration for the Do Not Call list is about to expire. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information...

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KnowBe4 Scam Of The Week: Beware of Fake "You've Received a Payment" Emails

The bad guys are notorious for sending emails requesting payments for business-related financial transactions, online services, or to gain something of value, just to name a few. Lately, they’ve flipped the script and...

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KnowBe4 Scam of the Week: Fake Meltdown And Spectre Patch Phishing Emails

You may have read in the press that it was recently discovered that practically all computer systems worldwide have a hardware bug called "Meltdown" and "Spectre". Hardware and software vendors have been working hard to...

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Tips for Buying a Safe Car

You’ve heard all the talk about driverless cars - but unfortunately, we’re still years away from living in a world where you just tell your car where to go, kick back and relax with a book (or, more likely, your phone)....

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KnowBe4 Scam Of The Week: A New High Risk of Evil AI Attacking Employees With Ransomware

Ransomware attacks will undoubtedly be on the rise in 2018 and we particularly need to watch out for sophisticated attacks harnessing AI. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, by definition is the capability of a machine to...

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